Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Maya News Updates 2007, No. 12: Caracol - New Website and Weekly Updates on the 2007 Field Season
This year the website of the Caracol Archaeological Project, directed by Drs. Diane and Arlen Chase of University of Central Florida, has been fully updated and has undergone a complete remake, as for instance is visible in the new header to the homepage of the website at
The website contains links to several sections, as was the case at the old website: About Caracol (general introduction to the site), About the Dig, Seasons Reports (now including the 2006 season report), Virtual Museum (a tour of the on-site museum, which was opened at the end of the 1998 field season), For Students (on current courses at UCF and fieldwork opportunities), and Drs. Chase (a sectionwhich has a list of publications, many of which can be downloaded as PDF, and provides the curriculum vitae of both archaeologists).
Lidded Modelled Vessel
Also this year the Caracol website provides a weekly summary of the current field season, which can be found in the section "Season Updates"(direct link:, the most recent update at present is from February 25, 2007.
Shell ornament
Each of the season updates provides short descriptions of the archaeological work carried out that specific week, as well as some of all the things that happen in the background at a large archaeological site as Caracol (incoming film crews, ant invasions, etc.).
Exposed Stair of Structure I5
I highly recommend the site, and specifically its season reports, as it provides up-to-date information on the current (and past) field season(s) at one of the most important archaeological sites in the Maya area, Caracol (or, in Classic Maya, K'antu').


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