Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Maya News Updates 2009, No. 35: New Publication - "Tesoros Mayas: Las sociedades prehispanicas de la cuenca del rio Chixoy"
Recently, the Centro Histórico y Educativo "Riij Ib’ooy" published a very important guide and catalog on the results of the many years of excavations that have taken place in the Rio Chixoy area. This full color booklet (15x20cm, 88 pages, 85 catalog entries) illustrates and discusses buildings and objects excavated at places like Los Encuentros, Cricruz, and El Jocote. The guide is edited by Walter Burgos, introduced by Alain Ichon, and contains explanatory texts by Walter Burgos (based on the work by Alain Ichon). There are three short contributions written by Anaite Galeotti, Ruud van Akkeren, and Alain Breton. The booklet has been published in an edition of 1000 copies. Its publication has been made possible through the colloboration of the Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes, the Cooperacion Republica de Guatemala - Republica Federal de Alemania, and the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia e Etnologia in conjunction with the Centro Histórico y Educativo "Riij Ib’ooy", Museo Comunitario Rabinal Achi', and the Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst. If you are not able to find a print copy, the website of the Centro Histórico y Educativo "Riij Ib’ooy" provides a link to the PDF of the booklet (to be found further down). Below follow my captures of the front and back cover, the table of contents, the map of the area, and the stuccoed vase from Los Encuentros, which is also illustrated on the front cover:

For more information on this publication, a link to the downloadable PDF, as well as other publications (all available online), just click here for the website of the Centro Histórico y Educativo "Riij Ib’ooy".