Thursday, March 03, 2016

Maya News Updates 2016, No. 5: New Maya Exhibit in the Netherlands - At the Drents Museum, Assen - Materials Published to Accompany the Exhibit

The exhibit "Maya's - Heersers van het Regenwoud" ("Maya's - Rulers of the Rain Forest") was officially opened on February 27 and to the public on February 28, 2016. The Drents Museum has published a nice collection of materials to accompany the exhibit. Here is an overview and quick peak. While at the exhibit the information at the showcases is available in both Dutch and English, these materials are Dutch language only.

1. Drents Museum - "Maya's - Heersers van het Regenwoud" - Overview of the three main publications that accompany the exhibit, upper left magazine of the Drents Museum, upper right the book that accompanies the exhibit, and bottom the small booklet for children (photograph by Erik Boot/MNU 2016).
2. Drents Museum - "Maya's - Heersers van het Regenwoud" - Cover of the book that accompanies the exhibit. This is not a full catalog, but an edited volume providing a series of articles which provide some of the most recent insights into Maya civilization, from the Preclassic and Early Classic periods to the Late Classic and Postclassic period up to the present day. Edited by Vincent van Vlisteren and Nikolai Grube, the chapters are written by well-known specialists as Charlotte Arnauld, Guillermo Bernal Romero, Markus Eberl, Nikolai Grube, Fernando Robles Castellanos, Karl Taube, Elisabeth Wagner, and it is published by WBooks (formerly Waanders Publishers). A quick peak can be found at this link. Lavishly illustrated, showing a host of the objects shown at the exhibit as well as other important objects. On page 189 a list of literature, for both the interested as the more specialized, some of which are published in Dutch (for instance the book and catalog that accompanied the "Maya 2012" exhibit in Leiden; see side menu). Available at the museum book store for €24,95 (photograph by Erik Boot/MNU 2016).
3. Drents Museum - "Maya's - Heersers van het Regenwoud" - Cover and a two-page spread from the magazine of the Drents Museum, issue one of 2016, which opens with an illustrated article on the exhibit. Available for 1,00 at the museum (photograph by Erik Boot/MNU 2016).
4. Drents Museum - "Maya's - Heersers van het Regenwoud" - Cover and a pair of two-page spreads from the small booklet published by the Drents Museum, for children and containing a host of games to play and puzzles to solve all with the Maya exhibit at the center. The booklet opens with a plan of the exhibition space and shows a series of Maya numbers (1-20) that tie in with the content of the booklet. The route it takes through the exhibit is designed for the whole family. Available at the museum for free (photograph by Erik Boot/MNU 2016).


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