Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Maya News Updates 2006, No. 53: "Mayas", A New Online Monograph by Mario Humberto Ruz
While browsing the web for new and interesting files on the Maya recently I came across a newly posted monograph by the "Comision Nacional para el Desarollo de los Pueblos Indigenas" in Mexico. The title of this new monograph is "Mayas" and it is written by Mario Humberto Ruz, published and posted online in 2006.


The monograph is in two parts (above a slightly altered version of the cover to the first part), concentrating on the present-day Maya living on the Yucatan peninsula. It is the latest installment in the series "Pueblos Indigenas del Mexico Contemporaneo." Ruz provides extended descriptions of present-day demography and in his description of present-day Maya culture provides interesting and sometimes hard to find ethnographic detail. The monograph is written in Spanish, with short text insertions in the Yucatecan Mayan language with parallel Spanish translation. The URL of this monograph:
Monographs on the Tzotzil and the Tzeltal, as published earlier by the "Comision Nacional para el Desarollo de los Pueblos Indigenas," can be found in a new link section entitled "Maya Monographs."


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