Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Maya News Updates 2006, No. 51: 11th EMC in Malmö, Sweden
It has been close to two months since the last update of my blog. At the end of October a serious crash of my computer, finishing two articles for publication (some bits I could save, others meant looking through stacks of unlabelled back-up CDs and DVDs ... all is relatively well now), my job, and preparations for the 11th European Maya Conference in Malmö kept me from doing updates.
Above a scan of the cover of the 11th EMC program. The 11th EMC was organized by Wayeb and local organizers Bodil Liljefors Persson and Christian Isendahl. This EMC was generously sponsored by the Swedish Research Council, Malmö University, and the City of Malmö. A description of the various workshops that were tutored can (still) be found at the Wayeb web page. Also the program of the symposium with this year's speakers and the titles of their presentations can be found at the same web page.
The 12th EMC is officially entitled "The Maya and their Sacred Narratives: Text and Context of Maya Mythologies" and it will be hosted by the Department of History of Religions at Geneva University, Switzerland, from December 3-8, 2007. The announcement for the yearly "call for papers" will be posted at the Wayeb web page in late January 2007.


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