Sunday, October 02, 2011

Maya News Updates 2011, No. 28: Nakum, Guate- mala - Polish Archaeological Project Excavates Important Burial of Female Ruler

On September 23, 2011, National Geographic News reported the discovery of a burial of an important female at the site of Nakum, Guatemala. According to the archaeologists of the Polish project, sponsored by the Jagiellonian University Institute of Archaeology in Krakow, the burial is some 2000 years old.

Possibly, according to Wiesław Koszkul (co-director of the project), the building in which the burial was found served as a mausoleum of the Nakum dynastic line, as also later burials had been found. National Geographic News has a photo series here, while the burial itself is discussed in the latest issue of Antiquity. The Nakum Archaeological Project maintains a website, which can be visited here. (Photo: National Geographic, graphic design by AMaNU.)


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