Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Maya News Updates 2010, No. 31: New blog "Ch'ol de Tumbala"
Are you interested in Maya culture in past and present? Are you interested in the ancient Classic Mayan language, but also in the Mayan languages of today? Since September 29, 2010, a new blog is online entitled "Ch'ol de Tumbala" and posts are related to this variant of the Ch'olan language. The blogger lives in Palenque, the town next to the well-known ruins. Most Maya who live in Palenque speak the Ch'ol de Tumbala variant. At present there are 7 posts and subjects include Ch'ol de Tumbala numerals, numeral classifiers, how to say "only," fractions, and (most recently) Ch'ol de Tumbala basics. The blogger would like to receive inquiries: "[T]his Blog should give people interested in Ch'ol language the possibility to make inquiries about the vocabulary, grammar or expressions. Being in Palenque, Chiapas it's a question of minutes to have the answer to the questions! So feel free to ask a question!" The Ch'ol de Tumbala blog can be found here.


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