Monday, February 01, 2010

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Maya News Updates 2010, No. 11: Tonina, Chiapas - INAH Extends Coverage of the Tomb and Sarcophagus Discovery
The Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia has extended its coverage of the recent discovery of a tomb with sarcophagus at the site of Tonina, Chiapas, Mexico. This coverage includes a short video (1:21 minutes, which also shows part of the stuccoed wall) and a photogallery containing 15 images. The archaeological project at Tonina is directed by Juan Yadeun, who provides information on the discovery and the tomb in both the INAH video and the video posted by Der Spiegel (see MNU 2010, Nos. 8-9). The extended coverage by INAH can be found here.


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