Friday, December 21, 2012, 4 Ajaw 3 Uniiw (2)
December 21, 2012. Rijswijk, Holland

Now that is the calendrical position for the day and the sun has risen (and has set on my side of the ocean), what has happened in the early morn in Maya land? The Diario de Yucatán posted the following short news item for Chichen Itza and Mérida:

Nothing has passed. And the sun was not even shining, it was clouded. To John H, John C, and all others (who I know) who where there at Chichen for the "transition", I hope you had/have a great time. Perhaps I write more when we enter the new bak'tun, the bak'tun (pik) that will be complete/made whole on 3 Ajaw (in AD 2407 ... oh no, March 26 ... so close to ...there has to be a reason that ... nooooooooo!).


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